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This blog serves mostly as a sort of "meta log" to list updates I've made elsewhere on the site, with some interspersed thoughts. If you're curious about what I've added since your last visit, this is the place to check. For more useful content, maybe take a look at the sewing/craft or tech sections.

Japanese women drinking Coronas together online. I love it.

Reply to: Kicks Condor

Hey, wow, I'm honored! And I hope you appreciate that on my Links page I literally just have the word "Kickscondor" because I was too lazy to turn it into a link. Heck, I was even too lazy to just type a space. And today I told a friend about your site, but I just scribbled "Kicks Condor" on a scap of paper and handed it to him. That's gotta be worth something, right?

Hey, maybe that's the answer. Maybe we need to take the h out of href. Maybe we need to take the hyper out of hyperlink. If someone really cares, they'll have to manually type the words into their search engine. That'll stop those link cowboys!

Incidentally, I'm pretty sure I can handle at least 20 links before certain destruction—so feel free to keep on linking.

Fittingly brief piece on our decreasing attention spans in this tweetable era. Krish's thesis is that the problem can’t be solved from a capitalist perspective because companies sell what people want, so instead of trying to solve it we should adapt to it, be prepared for it, and think about how our thinking and communication will be changed in the long term.

Krish suggests that while our intra-personal communication will become decreasingly verbose, it may also become increasingly efficient, until we no longer need to use words and can communicate sensations directly, and that this could have beneficial implications for equality and education, as communication/language barriers will cease to be barriers to understanding.

Of all people, Kanye is quoted in the article (and has an interesting take on it himself). Awesome: (Source)

I don’t think people are going to talk in the future...They’re going to communicate through eye contact, body language, emojis, signs. Imagine that. If everyone was forced to learn sign language.

It’s an interesting take, but I feel it’s rather optimistic about the outcome of decreasing attention spans. I think if we lose our ability to focus for longer than the length of a tweet we won’t possibly be capable of implementing the required drastic changes to adapt to what we’re talking about.

I’m also less pessimistic, in a way: I don’t think this is an inevitability. While it’s true that attention spans are surely decreasing, I think people recognize it as a problem in themselves and will strive to overcome.


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Around town

Yesterday was just a gorgeous day—sunny, temps above freezing, everything melting and flowing. I didn't get to spend much time outside, but I walked down to the liquour store to meet Caroline on her way into town (quotes for wedding booze), and I savored the walk down. around town

I'm spending a lot of time and having a lot of fun building this site, but I'm a little bit concerned about whether I'll actually make content to populate it. But maybe the more excited about the site I am, the more likely I'll be to make content for it?

Edit: Or maybe half of the value is just in the building of it anyway.


I was thinking about how personal assistants—Siri, et al.—have almost exlusively female voices by default. I'm sure it's because in general people tend to be less threatened by women and so are more likely to be comfortable with a woman's voice living in their pocket. Isn't that a little sexist though? Anyway, I changed my Siri's voice to a male's a few weeks ago, and my life is still fine.